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Welcome to our website outlining our proposals to redevelop 301-303 Ilderton Road for a residential-led mixed-use development to create a 14 storey building comprising 54 residential flats together with over 430 sqm of commercial floor space at ground and first-floor level.

An application has recently been submitted to and registered by, Southwark Council for these proposals. Nevertheless, we would welcome any views, comments or queries that you may have, and would like to hear your feedback to the project. Any comments made will be considered and summarised within a consultation document that will be provided to the Council as part of the application. This website will also be maintained and updated throughout the application and through to the construction stages to keep the local community informed and provide a place to contact us.


The site is located on the east side of Ilderton Road at the junction of Hornshay Street, SE15 1NW. The site is further bordered by Ilderton road to the west, and southern Railway tracks to the east. The site is currently occupied by a vehicle repair garage and a car wash.

Ilderton Road has a mixture of industrial areas, commercial shops and residential areas. Adjacent to the site is the Tustin estate comprising of a mix of eighteen to six storey accommodation blocks. Ilderton Road has a mixture of industrial areas, commercial shops and residential areas. Adjacent to the site is the Tustin estate comprising of a mix of eighteen to six storey accommodation blocks.

Existing Permission

Background & Context

301-303 Ilderton Road is located within the London Borough of Southwark. It falls within the Old Kent Road Opportunity Area. The application is therefore subject to the visions, aspirations and requirements as set out within the draft Old Kent Road Area Action Plan (OKR AAP) document which was consulted on in December 2017 and has guided a number of redevelopment projects within this area over the last few years. The OKR AAP is guided by the future accessibility of the area, which is anticipated to be significantly improved by the planned extension of the Bakerloo Line. Transport for London have indicated the preferred route to broadly run along the Old Kent Road, with an indicative location for a new station to be delivered within walking (300m) distance of the Site at the junction of Asylum Road and Old Kent Road. Redevelopment of sites such as this for residential use is therefore sought by and supported by the Council. Local residents will be aware that the Application Site previously accommodated two businesses – a car repair centre and a hand car wash. However, both operations have since vacated, and the Site is now vacant. This follows the grant of planning permission at 301-303 Ilderton Road in June 2020 for the erection of a 12 storey mixed-use development comprising 46 residential dwellings with a communal roof garden and 449 sqm of light industrial floorspace to the ground and first floor. The application was then amended through a non-material amendment application in August 2020.

September 2018

The original application, submitted in September 2018, was consulted on by Southwark Council as part of their requirements to notify local residents and business of nearby planning applications. At the time, three responses were received, with only one in objection to the proposal, which related to the previous use, rather than the application itself. During the application, the scheme was subject to several amendments. While originally submitted as a scheme for 48 units, at 14 storeys, with the top two floors stepped to create two duplex units, with the Council supporting the proposed height, mix and massing, following discussions in the run-up to a June 2019 Planning Committee, it was considered essential to provide a full provision of play space, which, given the constraints of the site layout, had to be located on the roof space. To achieve this in a short timescale, the scheme removed the two duplex units, reducing the building down to 12 storeys, with the roof entirely used for playspace and communal amenity space. Other changes included alterations to the elevation design, the shift from a proposed mezzanine floor to a complete first floor to meet the GLA requirements for employment re-provision, the reduction in a proposed footpath widening to Ilderton Road, flat and living space rearrangement and the provision of 10% wheelchair (M4(3)(2)) accommodation. The scheme provided 36% affordable housing (based upon habitable rooms), which equates to 13 affordable units, with a policy-compliant tenure mix. The application’s supporting documents also confirmed that the proposed development would have limited impacts on neighbouring properties regarding privacy, outlook and daylight and sunlight..

September 2020

In September 2020, following the grant of the above planning application,  a non-material amendment was approved. The changes proposed were: The realignment of windows and fenestration/brick columns to improve the verticality of the proposed building

• Design changes to elevations

• The removal of the basement and the relocation of the cycle storage to the ground floor

• Reconfiguration of the ground and first-floor layouts, while maintaining a policy-compliant area of commercial space

• The provision of alternative cycle storage to the rear, increasing short stay commercial staff cycle provision and some additional residential cycle spaces utilising Sheffield stands.

As the proposed changes were not considered to be material, and further consultation from the Council was not required. 

Proposed Design

This Application Scheme seeks to return the scheme to a 14 storey mixed-use development; however, thanks to a review of internal layouts, it now comprises 54 residential dwellings with a communal roof garden (with playspace) and a further area of ground floor playspace, together with the reprovision of 434sqm of commercial floorspace to the ground and first floor.   The proposal would deliver 38% (measured by habitable rooms) affordable housing either through London Living Rent (a form of intermediate affordable housing) or through a financial contribution (known as a payment in lieu). Further discussions with the Council are taking place on this matter. The proposed 434sqm of commercial floorspace would deliver a substantial increase on the existing quantum of employment floorspace and provides an increase in the number of people that can be employed on the Site.  

In line with the OKR AAP, the layout of the development has delivered a ‘vertical mixing’ of uses with two storeys of commercial frontage and residential uses above. The proposed scale is consistent with the ambition for taller buildings on the east side of Ilderton Road, particularly on appropriate road corner plots. The height at 14 storeys was previously supported through pre-application consultations with LBS and GLA, and the extant scheme was originally at part 13/ part 14 storeys, which was considered acceptable in terms of scale. As a result, visually in both elevation and floor plan, with the except of the additional two storeys, the application is very similar to that previously approved.


Key planning benefits of this proposal

The supply of 54 high-quality new homes (an uplift of 8 units), including a mix of dwelling sizes and improved private & communal amenity space and child playspace.

The proposal provides 24-one bed, 18-two bed and 12-three bed flats, close to the Council’s policy requirements and providing more than 20% 3-bed family-sized units. This is an improvement over the existing consent

High-quality commercial floor space - which would better align with the employment objectives of the Old Kent Road than the previous vehicle repair and hand car wash.

6 units (11%) will comply with Part M4(3)(ii) of the Building Regulations (easily adaptable for wheelchair users).

A dramatic improvement to the quality of the streetscape in this part of Ilderton Road compared with the current buildings, with a design that has been accepted under the extant scheme that creates an active street frontage and improvements/repairs to the existing pavement.

Contributions towards local infrastructure improvements via Southwark and Mayoral Community Infrastructure Levy contributions

The provision of much needed new homes and employment opportunities on a relatively unconstrained site which is capable of being delivered in the short term.

Have your say

If you require further information, have any questions, or want to discuss the proposal, please leave a comment with your contact details, and we will be in touch